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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Say Cheese

Source: Wikipedia

May cheeses are now being made.

Cheese that is good ought not to be too hard or too soft, but betwixt both; it must be of good savour, not full of eyes, nor mites, nor maggots. Yet in High Germany the cheese which is full of maggots is called there the best cheese, and they will eat the maggots as fast as Englishmen do comfits.

Andrew Boorde Dietary of Health 1547

To make Whitsun cheese-cakes, take twelve pints of milk warm from the cow and turn it with a good spoonful of rennet.  Break it well and put it into a large strainer, in which roll it up and down, that all the whey may run out. Then break the curds and wring it again, and more whey will come, and so break and wring till no more will come. Work the curds exceedingly with your hand in a tray, till they become a short uniform paste; then put to it the yolks of eight new laid eggs, two whites and a pound of butter. Work all this long together, for in the long working consisteth the making them good. Then season them to your taste with sugar finely beaten, and put in some cloves and mace in subtle powder; lay them thick in coffins of fine paste, and so bake them.

The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Opened 1669

Personally, reading this, I have no problem with being dairy intolerant.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Beau Brummel-ish

The sudden onset of summer with sun and temperatures in the double figures has made us all rush to find something cool and reasonably flattering to wear . Even the rather strange drunks that hang round the supermarket entrance have discarded their flappy anoraks and are eating ice lollies . But no one looked quite so hip and happening today as one of the regulars . In a baggy white tee shirt , white-ish bermudas belted with a nylon orange , green and silver scarf , white shiny leggings and over-the-knee black wooly leg warmers tied up with string garters he cut quite a figure . Pity he hadn't put his teeth in .

Monday, 14 May 2012

And Now A Feast

In case anybody was left feeling hungry after that last post, here's a well known Brueghel painting of a more sumptuous repast for you to contemplate  - though by the look of it, pies were the only things on offer...

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Friday Market , Chapter 8 ( or 9 )

I do love going to the weekly market on Fridays . Huge stalls piled high with every sort of fruit and vegetable , trays of corn fed chicken and fish , spices and cheese ..... For overcaterers like me , it's Paradise .
Today I stood at one of the vegetable stalls behind a wispy young woman , holding a shopping list . She bought : 2 cherry tomatoes , 2 yellow cherry tomatoes , 1 plum tomato , 1 stalk of rhubarb , 1 small onion and an apple . After she'd paid and gone off with it all in a plastic bag , the stallholder said approvingly , one eyebrow only slightly raised , "Good , eh ! Now she won't have to dash to the shops all week . "

Monday, 7 May 2012

To cheer you up

Does he remind you of someone stuck in a honey pot?
Or is he playing hide-and-seek?

Joie de Vivre


 No, unlike Fridge Soup,

 On a Roll!

 OK, let's get up.

 Must sort out my legs.

Nice Grass!

Whereas Fridge Soup is stone cold
and has lost its flavour.