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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Through the wringer

This is inspired by an article about Taylor Swift, which contains the following:
So Taylor Swift may not be dealing with hampering toils of life — coming up with rent or job hunting in this economy like the rest of us — but where amore and being a mega-star is concerned, she has been through the ringer.
A person hasn't been "through the ringer." He or she has been "through the wringer." Probably younger people don't know what a wringer is. Here's a picture of what the phrase means, from Sleep and Salami.

When I was four or five I was helping my mother do the laundry (except we called it "doing the wash") and when I poked something into the wringer and my little hand followed the article of clothing right through. Having had that experience, it annoys me to see "through the ringer," as if there were something bell-like about it. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

This Autumn's Culinary Must Have

You thought your Batterie de Cuisine was complete ? Think again . I bet you haven't got a vegetable sharpener like this one ,

featured in the Style section of this week's Saturday supplement .
Though for catering on a grand scale something along the lines of a teacher's mechanical pencil sharpener might be better .

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Internet very slow these past several days: about the same speed as Morse code tapped out by an amateur but more frustrating. I maintain that it's the solid mat of very pale gray clouds in the sky that's hindering Verizon's wireless performance.

Angus paces, paces, waiting for Husband to return to make his life whole and happy. Husband is away for a few days; the dog might wear a path in the floorboards before his return.

For two months I have happily forsaken most of all the tasty foods that I hitherto enjoyed to excess. Danish pastries with lemon-flavored cream cheese filling, chocolate of any description, ice cream melting into viscous puddles of richness beneath microwave-warmed caramel topping. I am due to have blood drawn this week for a Friday visit to the doctor. And this week I am nearly powerless to sustain my grip on what passes, in my life, for healthy eating. Let me remember this lesson, and have the blood drawn ten days prior to the doctor appointment, when I am still strong against my sins.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's that Time of Year again

 Spider in the Bath

Spider Expelled

Are they particularly dozy at this time of year?
This monster let me pick it up this morning
and carry it (dangling from a couple of sheets of loo paper) to the window.
It sat on the window sill for quite a while before
it scuttled off.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

No Comment

Having just been wondering about the beard inhibitor in the old advertisement , I was amused to see today's cover on my newspaper's Saturday supplement .
(Anne Claire De Breij's wonderful photo , one of several for an article about people who enter their pets in shows . )

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Scientific Academy of Beauty Comes To The Rescue

Apropos of absolutely nothing ... no , I do not have a beard ... how do you think this advertisement was supposed to help any hirsute lady reading it in a 1920s Dutch magazine ?  Was the device meant as a cure or a disguise ?
( Overtollig haar means excessive, and presumably in this case , unwanted hair  ) .