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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Internet very slow these past several days: about the same speed as Morse code tapped out by an amateur but more frustrating. I maintain that it's the solid mat of very pale gray clouds in the sky that's hindering Verizon's wireless performance.

Angus paces, paces, waiting for Husband to return to make his life whole and happy. Husband is away for a few days; the dog might wear a path in the floorboards before his return.

For two months I have happily forsaken most of all the tasty foods that I hitherto enjoyed to excess. Danish pastries with lemon-flavored cream cheese filling, chocolate of any description, ice cream melting into viscous puddles of richness beneath microwave-warmed caramel topping. I am due to have blood drawn this week for a Friday visit to the doctor. And this week I am nearly powerless to sustain my grip on what passes, in my life, for healthy eating. Let me remember this lesson, and have the blood drawn ten days prior to the doctor appointment, when I am still strong against my sins.