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Monday, 10 October 2011



Isn't it a wonderful specimen? 
It's as big as a football.
In fact, when I saw it yesterday, I thought it was a football.

Puffball smashed to Smithereens

When I came the same way today, this is what I found.

Why do people have to do this? It was probably an adult who stuck his stupid heel or walking stick into this beauty, there haven't been any kids round the castle for a few days; they're all back at school. I was looking forward to watching it ripen, hopefully intact, become overrun with a vast population of creepy-crawlies, its insides turning to dusty brown spores and exploding eventually. Now they've deprived me of a very simple pleasure. (I know, I know, I'm pathetic, but even the simple-minded like me must be allowed to take their pleasures where they find them.)

I could understand if somebody had cut it down and taken it home to fry in butter and eat it. But this is just wanton destruction. I am cross. Vandals!