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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Empty nest but full crumble dishes

Yesterday, we saw off the Youngest Daughter, who's done her 4 years at uni and has now packed up her room at our house and gone off to the big world of work, living in London and becoming a cabin crew member for BA.

Being an Empty Nester is exhausting.  I am wearing myself out missing her saying, 'Hey, Mum, you HAVE to watch this Youtube clip'.  

But at least I had something to distract me from the emotion after she'd gone yesterday.  We had a big event at church this morning (a couple's wedding 'blessing' after their registry wedding yesterday) and I'd offered to make a shedload of apple and blackberry crumble for the meal.  We were expecting about 70 people.

I spent 4 hours in the kitchen yesterday making the crumbles.  With the radio on and a glass of wine to sip I was very happy chopping apples from 17 trees and making so much crumble mixture that if a beach in southern Spain had needed re-covering, I would have had the materials for it.

So, there I am, lunchtime today, standing behind a big table at church after the service with my crumbles, saying to people, 'This is apple and blackberry - would you like some?'  Next to me is a lady who's made an equal amount of pavlova.

'Apple and blackbe ....?'

'No, I'll have pavlova, please.' (Moves on.)

'Would you like some app ...?'

'Sorry - the pavlova looks nice, though.'  (Moves on.)

'This is ap ...'

'Looks lovely.  But I prefer the pavlova.'  (Moves on.)

'Can I help you to some ...?'

'Pavlova, please.'  (Moves on.)

'Ap ..?'

'Ooh, no, pavlova for me, please.'  (Moves on.)

I made 6 crumbles.  Two got eaten (people tend to give in if you cry).  The rest came home with me.

So, not only has my youngest child abandoned me, but in a cruel irony, I have enough crumble in the house to feed thirty daughters.

Any of you who live in Warwickshire are very welcome to drop in.