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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Surely I'm far too young to be saying 'in the old days', but here I am, saying it

Jinksy's typewriter post made me all nostalgic.  I learned to type on a bangy-bangy old typewriter when I trained to be a medical secretary in the late 1970s, and in our classroom were two brand-new up-to-the-minute wondrous machines called (awed intake of breath) 'electronic typewriters'.  We secretarial students were on a rota to use them in lessons as there were only the two and it was seen as a special treat.  If you were naughty in lessons (as in, you brushed your hair before the bell went), you could forget your treat and you were kept on the old machines.

Now, I yearn for the days when just about the only thing that could go wrong with your typewriter was that the ribbon needed changing, and it was something we were all taught to do.  And my typewriter never hated me in the way my computer seems to even though I bashed hell out of it ....