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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pieces of a book

I read this book months ago, and made notes of some of its descriptions. I have had these waiting for a post on Aging Gratefully and I haven't done it yet, so this qualifies as Fridge Soup material.
I don't know that I think the descriptions are mellifluous (the first one makes me think of those lists of students' similes . . . "her teeth were straight and white as a picket fence..." that are just . . . unfortunate) but they strike me as so creative!

Deceit by James Siegel
For book review click here--> Deceit by James Siegel
page 91
Staring at me with those muted features, as if he'd somehow missed his final trimester as a fetus.
page 97  This struck me as a useful bit of free psychotherapy.
I'm perpetually famished for love and approval----this according to Dr. Payne, who tried mightily to delve into the underlying reasons for my sociopathic behavior.
You had an absent father and an alcoholic and abusive mother, he concluded, so what else would you do but seek massive and extreme pats on the back?
Sounded sensible to me.
page 102  I think this one's kind of . . . awful...
I'd woken up with what felt like a stupid grin on my face. It was confirmed when I stared in the shower-fogged mirror and didn't see Mr. Dour staring back.
page 119
There was a brief silence, as if her allusion to sex had consumed all available air, then I asked her how her father was doing.
page 141  What? How does this happen?
Luiza's little body followed her head through the door.
She averted my eyes...
page 218
"Right," Nate said, "That's going to be easy," exhibiting a sarcasm rare for him. Maybe it was his newly wounded heart----there he was skating through life, and he'd gone and taken his first tumble. He was all skinned innocence and bloodied optimism.
page 237
"The doctor says Nate's going to be fine. He was very lucky. The bullet went right through his rib cage----it missed his major arteries."
She kept nodding up and down, up and down, drinking in the news in big thirsty gulps.