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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Pilling the dogs

Medicating dogs is a variable business.
Some dogs will happily take and swallow anything that comes from a human hand.
Some dogs, I hear (I've never lived with one of them) will scarf up a pill that is simply dropped on the floor in front of them. Maybe it's good I have never lived with one of those dogs: I drop a lot of things, pills of every description included.
Some dogs require peanut butter as a buffer. They love peanut butter so much that they'll lick up a whole glob of it and get so interested in removing the sticky goo from the roofs of their mouths that they don't even notice the pills.

For those who believe that specially made products 
are the answer, there are Greenies Pill Pockets ...
Greenies Pill Pockets For Dogs

. . . and something called Medi-Crunch...
Medi-Crunch Makes Pilling Dogs Easy and Fun 

. . . and any number of other gimmicky items that Other People use successfully. I've heard the happy stories. It is my opinion that if a dog likes a Pill Pocket or a Medi-Crunch, they'd like any old thing that one could smear over the medication, but then . . . after, lo, these many years, I have become jaded about the whole topic.

My dogs were quite easily fooled, for months, by dabs of butter. Then we moved on to a liverwurst disguise.
No more.
Ground beef seems to be working these days.
At $3.99 per pound.

But thank God they aren't spoiled.