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Friday, 14 January 2011

Sarky Soup?

One who shall be nameless has today stirred up my bubbling inspiration cauldron, and caused something to rise to the top which may need skimming off, before enjoying the clear soup beneath!
I thank them for the prompt...

Let's see what other cooks say...

'Your comment is awaiting moderation.'
This phrase to some is pure irritation,
suggesting, as it does, that each Blogholder
lacks the guts to be little bolder...
Only unctuous praise will be accepted
as printable. A comment is rejected
if truth be offered up, however kindly,
to one who writes their words a trifle blindly,
ignoring even basic writing skills,
but expecting patient readers to instill
some kind of meaning to their scribble,
which sometimes can be little more than drivel.

LATE ADDITION Hey, folks - there's a Humdinger of a Link from Mrs Trellis that's appeared in the comments section - I've decided to highlight it here as well!