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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Ditty

Christmas has gone with a fizzle - or bang-
along with duff notes that everyone sang
as they carolled their carols and quaffed too much beer,
and now it is over - at least till next year!

The cards and the trees are all taken down,
and Santa has packed up his red dressing gown.
The reindeer are stabled, the elves are abed
with a pointy red nightcap on each elven head.

The lights and the baubles have been packed away
to keep them all safe to use next Christmas day.
Year two thousand 'n' eleven is with us at last
now we've all said farewell to the one that has passed.

So here's to the future, Blogfriends one and all,
the big and the little, the short and the tall.
I wish you best that you'd wish for yourself
like Happiness, Laughter, and, of course, Good Health!