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Monday, 14 March 2011

And Now The Law of Lightbulbs

Dr FTSE has posted all about this today on his VSB post, I noticed. It has given me the perfect opportunity to add my twopennyworth to the soupbowl.

The Light Bulb

My body gleams, rotund yet shapely, sleek
as any curvaceous maiden's mystique.
Hanging proud from ridged metallic case
my inner filaments burn, and light the face
of my world. I will live for many hours
but in myself I have no magic powers.
I rely upon electric current
for colourful emblazonment
of life's dark spaces. People ignore
me. The candles they used before
my birth needed careful attention.
But I, in my turn, get but little mention.
I am superseded by fluorescent
tubing. Daylight bright, incandescent
light, long-lasting, cool and economic
in appliances which consider ergonomics
essential. An angled reading lamp has
the advantage over me, has pizzazz.
Its many knobbed adjustments can
be a blessing for a short-sighted man
or woman with a bookish inclination.
It can be attached to their work station
and render my meagre glow from up above
superfluous, no longer anybody's light'o'love.