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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Things Seen ....

Things I've seen this week . The woman , who lives round the corner , taking her parrot for a walk along the river . She in a long floaty dress , the parrot in neat grey feathers , perched on a stick . A young woman in thigh-high boots being pulled along the pavement by two Huskies .... and the green car , music chakkabooming , slowing down alongside . Young lads leaning out of the windows yelling and whistling before driving off with a screech . Her quiet giggle . A plump little girl , fat plaits sticking out either side , stomping along the street carrying a huge tabby cat lying on its back purring , paws in the air . The man cycling past with a long ladder under his arm . I do like living in town ..... ( This is appearing as one long paragraph , for some reason , despite my attempts to leave a line between each "thing seen". Blogger has a mind of its own . You'll have to edit it as you read . )