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Monday, 12 December 2011


I want to put on a holiday party. I want to prepare a buffet table with silver dishes set among swirls of sparkle-and-glitter gold tulle. Here and there in the artfully gathered tulle between the silver serving dishes, there would be ornaments...
I want the dishes to be filled with easily served and eaten rich foods of puff pastry and lots of spices and colors. I want there to be sweetmeats and sugarplums (whatever those items are). The table would be so full of beautiful things, edible and inedible, that there would be sighs of awe and murmured wishes not to disturb the splendor.

I would like the guests to be dressed beautifully in the kind of holiday evening attire that one wears only between the middle of December and the middle of January. I want the women [and whichever men feel so inclined] to be made up beautifully, and wearing jewel colors, and I want the [other] men to wear ties and be so freshly shaven that the planes of their jaws shine smooth. I want the conversation to be witty and intelligent and I would like everyone to drink enough alcohol to sparkle but not enough to become stupid or clumsy. I want there to be enough seating that there is none of the awkward juggling of plates that accompanies buffets everywhere, but I want the guests to be mobile as well, circulating and sparkling and chatting and being amusing and amused.
I would like background music (unobtrusive Christmas carols and hymns) and lighting with dimmer switches. And lots of white candles in various sizes and shapes and groupings.

I have never attended such a party in my life, much less hosted one. And I don't want to host this one.
I want to set it up, to cater it, and then to sit back and watch.
And then I would like to go home and let somebody else clean up.
It would be my own little stage set, wouldn't it?