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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Any minute now: fifty followers!

And we're not even handing out prizes!

That's not bad, is it?, considering that I only started this blog on 2nd Feb. 2010 and there are just a few of us who are following our own site. It's taken me a lot longer to come up with such spectacular results in my own blog. In fact, I am nowhere near such spec. res. in my blog, the numbers are positively crawling up, in comparison.

We must be getting something right!

Where do all those followers come from/find us? I know that some of you (followers) leave comments, but there are quite a few who never utter.  Any chance of a peep? A little one ?

I also wonder if the cooks who rarely, if ever, post, want to stay on?  Mind you, you probably also don't come and read, so there's not much point in waiting for a reply.

In the old days, well all of two or three months ago, contributions came at a gallop, there were fewer links and more of the home-made stuff; now posts come in barely at a trot.

Are we getting bored? Is the site becoming boring?

I don't like boring, besides, can we afford to disappoint our followers? Which is where I came in and where I'll leave proceedings for now. There's some telly I want to watch.