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Friday, 11 June 2010

Vile habits

Ok, seeing as we're desperate here... The chatty girl who came to assess my (now for-sale) home's energy efficiency and draw up floor plans was delighted to get a cup of tea in a clean house/mug, and told me horror stories about going into the houses of single male occupants.

No, nothing rude or a risk to her personal safety, just revolting accounts of hygiene standards, or lack of. The worst was getting tea in a mug that was handed to her with the words "just well-used over time" - a mug so tea-stained inside that the thickly-layered tannin was peeling off in strips.

She took it round the house with her as she worked, and in the garden, quietly poured it out into the grass. And bless her, felt guilty about doing so.

I'm just relieved she didn't get to see his washing basket......