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Saturday, 19 June 2010

I've Turned Into My Grandmother

Alarming conversation with grandson when I called to wish him a Happy Birthday . Three years old , doesn't time fly !
"Hello , Granny . I'm Diamondhead ." Oh ? "Yes , he can pull diamonds out of his fingers " . "Oh , splendid ! ", I say feebly , suddenly reminded of my own grandmother , peering at a cousin's badge . " How nice , darling . What does it say ?" . Cousin's muffled snort . "It's a Peace badge , Granny " .
What it actually said , in mercifully small letters , was Too Much Sex Makes You Shortsighted .

Anyway , there seem to be 23 Ben 10 aliens plus 17 in Ben 10's Alien Force and a further 20 Ben 10 future Aliens . All with such attractive names , too . Upchuck , Toepick and Goop . I've got a month to familiarise myself with the dramatis personae before I see him . Youtube is a lifesaver at times . Contemporary culture at one's fingertips .

And just when I was doing so well with my trawl through the contemporary Scottish poetry scene and felt I could hold my own in any highbrow gathering . Though I have to say I prefer Kathleen Jamie's prose , myself .