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Thursday, 8 July 2010

I know it’s only physics, but it still seems like magic.


 Air Canada flight 844 en route to Frankfurt

Next time I hear anybody bitching about flight delays, lost baggage or bad on-board meals, I’m going to pull them by the earlobe and tell them to consider this:  

It’s nothing short of incredible that you can sit in chair six-and-a-half miles above the earth and be propelled at over 500 miles per hour while watching a movie and drinking coffee in your shirtsleeves despite being only inches away from an air temperature of  –65F.  

I will never get over the wonder that a thin-skinned cigar tube weighing nearly half a million pounds can get itself off the ground and deposit me on a different continent a third of a world away in the length of time that I used to spend at the office on an average day. 

Never mind if I have to wait until the runway clears for take-off, if the beef is tough, or the flight attendant’s grumpy – it’s all a flippin’ miracle. 


Cannes, approx 14h30 yesterday.