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Sunday, 11 July 2010

What Was That You Said?

One thing that wandering the halls of Blogdom - or the Kingdom of Blog - has given me is an appreciation for the elasticity of the English language.  Sometimes English seems to have more in common with an amoeba than the structures that required me to parse sentences for the interminable years of elementary and high school.  

 Spag Bol.
Wheelie Bin.
Hush Puppie.
.............all words with confusing meanings whether British, Canadian or American......and I haven't even begun to think about the minefield of Antipodal English, Anglo-Indian, African or Caribbean English.

I would like to go on record, here and now, with my application to sit on the Board of the Academy of English, once it is formed.  There will be a need for a Canadian member who has experienced the richness of our language from Newfoundland to British Columbia.  In the meantime, anyone who has ever pondered over a blog posting, wondering What the.........should click here for a view on English, as the English speak it.