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Friday, 28 May 2010

Blim Blim


The market was full of gloriously coloured fruit and veg. this morning . Standing in the queue , waiting to pay , I was suddenly joined by an elderly Indonesian woman .
"Blim Blim !!" she cried , "Look ! Blim Blim" . We were standing next to a pile of those ridged green things that must be starshaped if you cut one across . Carambola , I think . She obviously thought they were a great find , so I did the only logical thing and asked how you ate them .
"You cut them in slices and cut up those and those and those " , arm swept extensively over the tropical fruit section , "and you make a syrup from red sugar or palm sugar and you mix a fruit salad . "
But then came the bit we knew we couldn't do , not today . "Then you eat it all afternoon , in the sun , with your family and you talk ".