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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What's the Latin for murdering a friend?

It's ambicide. Sounds quite harmless, doesn't it.

We all have our dim moments, I know, and our organisational skills may have deficits, but this one takes the biscuit. Those of you who have visited Chelsea may need to weep a little at this.

S down the road, who hates rushing, is going with friends to the Chelsea Flower Show. The Show that needs time, patience, an ability to tolerate slow-moving crowds, and a good sturdy pair of legs to walk around on, looking at all the prize-winning gardens and all the stalls, before collapsing somewhere for refreshments. Time is also needed to travel from Kings Cross station to the show grounds. Time.....

S and the group are going on Saturday, the last day. The day when at 4 pm plants are sold off, and the ordered, beautiful show turns into a scrum, a free-for-all. Great fun if you aren't going to spend over 3 hours on a train home afterwards. The day when the show closes at 5.30 rather than 8 pm.

The friend who was left to organise the train tickets has booked a (very expensive) round trip that only reaches Kings Cross around 12.30 in the afternoon, with a return that leaves around 6.30. 

As our American friends would say, do the math.

S is ambicidal.