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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Anniversary Soup?

Soup Du Jour

Friko is our Master Chef -
but you won't see her on telly.
She won't allow us kitchen staff
to cook up vermicelli,
only lots of different soups,
to fill each hungry belly.

We've kept the tables turning now
for one year and three days,
and managed to have lots of laughs
in various odd ways.

We really are a motley crew,
of that there is no doubt,
but  when we get into a stew,
she comes and pulls us out! 
With cryptic quips and other tricks
she keeps us in our places -
as long as we behave ourselves,
and don't kick off our traces.

Long may Soup continue
to be our daily fare,
because it really is the best
that you'll find anywhere!