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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Peculiar World Records

 Anyone can establish a World Record.  To become the World Record Holder - at least temporarily - do something really strange and register it.

Here is a selection, video by YouTube.

01.Smiling                               Record: 7 Hours
02. Head butting Watermelons   Record: 40 Melons in 1 Minute
03. Under Water TV Watching   Record: 114 Divers
04. Tallest Hair                        Record: 6 Feet(1.82 Meters)
05. Teeth Coconut Husking        Record: 3 in A minute
06. Longest Finger Nails          Record: 4.8 Feet (1.48 Meters)
07. Loudest Burp                      Record: 110 Decibels
08. Biggest Turban                   Record: 1312 Feet of Cloth
09. Hairiest Ears                       Record: 0.3 Feet (10.2 CM)
10. Longest Milk Squirt With Eye   Record: 9.1 Feet (2.79 Meters)

Google will find many more, I'm sure.
Fridge Soupers with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning might suggest a few of their own.
How about "Quickest solution of Rubik Cube whilst wearing boxing gloves"