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Monday, 21 February 2011

A dozen random thoughts

  1. Sometimes, usually on Mondays, I think the Uniform Monday Holiday Act is one of the greatest favors my federal government ever did for me.
  2. This winter hasn't been so bad. I just guaranteed a major, major spell of bad weather before it's over.
  3. If you should ever have a toenailectomy ask for nonstick dressing.
  4. Snow, falling or grounded, is more breathtaking when going out into it is optional.
  5. I check my email at least 80% more often than is necessary.
  6. I have received some gifts that I treasure although I have never made use of them. A beautiful blank-paged book covered in silky, vibrant colors and a quill pen are among them.
  7. It never fails that I build up the wood fire and don a fleece top within the same hour, and then sweat until the fire dies down. I rarely change that one article of clothing.
  8. Chocolate covered strawberries should be stored in the refrigerator and brought to room temperature before eating. 
  9. A temporary facial tic, near one's eye, for example, is never so apparent to other people as it feels from the inside.
  10. The novels that I read affect how I conduct my life. Yesterday I read the last page of Gap Creek and mopped all the downstairs floors. I should read more books that detail hard work and an accepting attitude toward it.
  11. I am glad I began using moisturizer around my eyes in my twenties, long before I needed it.
  12. One should never climb up a stool or ladder to see how dirty the tops of tall things are unless one is also prepared to undertake the cleaning of those surfaces.