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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

By Martin Gardner

A poem after my own heart, from a book of poems selected by Jack Prelutsky. This one is dedicated to gigglers everywhere, who will know how impossible it is to stop once started. I'm sure the potatoes mentioned in the verses were ones that ended in somebody's soup, if not ours.

The Giggles

A giggler gets the giggles
at every little thing -
a puppy dog that sneezes,
a cow that tries to sing.

She giggles at an elephant,
she giggles at a toad,
she giggles if a baby duck
waddles down a road.

She giggles if a teacher asks
if two and two make four.
At lunch she giggles if she spills
potatoes on the floor.

When Mother sat on Daddy's hat
she giggled till she cried.
I think she ate a feather that
is tickling her inside!