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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Why I am avoiding mirrors and wondering about Botox ...

Wrinkles I can cope with.  The lines around my mouth are laughter lines, I tell myself.  Increasing eye bags I can cope with.  I work hard, I tell myself.  On retirement, these will fade (ever the optimist).

But, this morning, I noticed that I now have a vertical line leading up from between my eyes up my forehead.  It is dead straight, and divides my forehead in half.  I'm presuming that if I frown it becomes even more pronounced, like a furrow in a farmer's field, and am avoiding mirrors for the moment.

The even bigger problem is that the line divides my face so well into two that it accentuates the fact that I am not symmetrical.  One eye is bigger than the other.  My nose is slightly to the left of centre.  There is more lip on the right than on the left.

I am wonky.  And now I have a line to prove it.

What makes it even worse is that I wasn't even looking in a mirror when I spotted the line this morning.  I was  at the bus stop (this won't surprise some of you), peering at the timetable, when suddenly I caught my reflection in the glass.  Aaarrrggghhh!  The people driving past would have been most intrigued as to why I kept backing off from the timetable, then cautiously moving forward again, then pulling at my forehead with both hands, then standing well clear of the bus stop until the bus came.