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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Pet peeve, self indused

Can't blame it on anyone but myself and it peeves me every time it happens. Every time I sort out laundry to do, I go through every single garment that has a pocket, looking for Kleenex. If there are any Kleenex in the pockets, it is mine since HH does not put them in his pocket. He throws them away. A good idea. Now, even though I go through all the pockets that I know about, many times I open the washer to find bits of tattered Kleenex clinging to the clothes. It is especially bad when that load of clothes were dark pants and shirts. Oh no. I must just learn to throw the Kleenex into the trash can. But being human that I am, I will probably continue to put the Kleenex in my pocket and get peeved when I find it in the washer.