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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sand, sea and...

... Salute to the Sun soup.

This is by way of a test post....

The teeny tent cowering beneath the giant luxury sensible tents on a Bahamas beach belongs to my friend L, who arrived two days ago for a month of intensive yoga training in the ashram there. Her blog posts are heartrending. Images of boot camp for bendy people come to mind. She has been reduced to miming the chanting that goes on for hours, and her tent is full of ants, leaving even less space for her.

If I could, I would take a posse and go and rescue her; as it is, I'm planning to send her a Red Cross-type parcel of chocolate, although I suspect that she won't be allowed to have it, because that would be too too pleasant. I can only hope for L's sake that Stockholm Syndrome kicks in quickly.