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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Why time flies for them. You know them, those old folks.

While listening to NPR recently, I heard discussed why time seems to pass quicker as one gets older than when we are young. Do you remember, that is if Elusive Lucy hasn't moved in with you, how summer seemed to last forever when you were young? It seemed to stretch on and on and on. But school seemed to just dray.
The research being done says that the first few times we experience something we really like, such as birthday parties, swims at the pool or river or in fact something we really like, it takes more brain cells to store that in our memory banks. As years go by and experiences are repeated, even though we enjoy them, it takes less cells to store that. Well just think what would happen to a mind into the 70's if no new or fun experiences  are having to be recorded. So we all need to have  new experiences, (I want to para-sail but my kids won't let me. They and they only are afraid I will get hurt.)
We need to learn new things. If you can learn something brand new, you do not have alzheimers.
I thought the soup needed some more salt and pepper.