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Monday, 22 February 2010

A fragrant thought

This morning  I was opening a new bag of dried cat food ('For Indoor Cats' - i.e. cats like mine, with more sense than to venture out in this weather) and spotted this claim on it:

Not only does it show a rather odd-shaped cat squatting tidily in a litter tray, but indicates by means of a helpful red arrow the  connection between the product and the resulting source of odour. This is for those of us who may never have understood the connection between food in/poop out.

So thoughtful of those cat food manufacturers to let us know. We worry about odours.

Now I know from experience that persuading (they'd call it brutally forcing) cats onto a dry diet makes a huge and positive difference in the horror that can be litter-scooping, but 60% is a very precise sort of a claim. 

How did they measure that reduction? Is there a Faecal Odour Assessor in the organisation? What were the Essential Requirements in the job description? Is he/she allowed a margin of error? Would customers complain if, say, they thought the odour had reduced by only 54%? Were any cats consulted?

I'm not complaining, of course. Any reduction in pong is fine by me. But I am wondering.