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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I Can Probably Manage The Breathing .

Sonata :
If Fridge Soup is anything to go by , the consumption of chocolate over the next few days will render us all senseless . So it's good to know that help is at hand . Next week , when biliousness threatens to overcome one , remember Harold Begbie's uplifting little song , meant for just such moments :

"If I Want To Be Happy" .

"If I want to be happy and quick on my toes ,
I must bite my food slowly and breathe through my nose ;
I must press back my shoulders and hold up my head ,
And not close my window when going to bed .

I must soap my bath flannel , and scrub all I know ;
I must then take a towel and rub till I glow ;
I must never be idle and loll in my chair ,
Or shout like a demon and act like a bear .

I must play and not fidget , read books and not flop ;
Begin with a purpose and know when to stop
I must love what is noble , and do what is kind ;
I must strengthen my body and tidy my mind ;

Yes , if I would be healthy and free from all cares ,
I must do all I've told you and mean all my prayers .

And , on a completely different note , I was pleased to see that the renovation of Amsterdam's lovely Vondelpark is nearly complete . A short walk from the busy center , it is an essential part of daily life . Youngest daughter holds her birthday parties there with large picnics and much laughter . When she lived round the corner in a tiny attic , she'd sleep there on breathless summer nights , along with half the neighbourhood . In true Amsterdam style anything goes , so knockabout football games are catered for with a large area where special plastic "grass" fibres are woven through the turf . This is now known locally as the Vondelpark Hair Extension " .