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Sunday, 7 March 2010


Only yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the death of my friend's daughter, who sadly died in her early twenties.

My friend went to the local grave side, taking loving thoughts, memories and some flowers.When she arrived there she was greeted by a beautiful array of white carnations, placed by an unknown 'caller'. She was very touched and pleased that someone else had also remembered this particular date.

Strangely enough, a week earlier my friend had attended the funeral in London of an old buddy. A few days later she received in the post a letter from the daughter of the deceased buddy explaining that she had been clearing her mother's belongings and came across an item of interest, which was included in with the letter. It was the 'Order of Service' for my friend's daughter's christening. Apparently my friend's buddy had also attended the baby's christening over thirty years ago and had kept this service sheet as a record.
This came as such a touching gift, especially as my friend had lost her original order of service and at such a sensitive time of rememberance.