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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Withdrawal symptoms

Oh I have had a rough 24 hours. My printer went bad yesterday and after taking it out and looking at it good it is broken. Well I can live without a printer for a few day, but I completely lost the internet. Saturday night, Sunday morning the hours drug on. I was wringing my hands, walking the floor. Poor hubby could help in no way. Was the cable hook up out? Was the entire network down? Well, I finally realized my best friend is on the same network as I so I called her and described my situation and we went through this and that and she finally said to me did you press the reset button on top of your cable box?  Reset button. I did not know of such a thing well we talked and she described the button. Guess what? I pressed the reset button(that I had never seen before) and walah, the internet is up. Whew I feel better now.