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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Not your morning bowl of porridge, is it?

Listen:  Nobody loves ice cream more than I.
Same goes for cream cheese, cinnamon, maple syrup.
But all of those for breakfast?  

Thinking of these breakfast items, I can feel the sugar-high headache, and the need for a 9am nap.

Friendly Restaurants' marketing people must have found that there's a market for these breakfast dishes, and they're probably right. Everywhere in this country (or perhaps just this region, since I think Friendly's is not nationwide) there are families with small children who crave sugar-stoking, and whose parents will just want the kids to stop whining, and so they will travel off for Sunday brunches of ice cream between maple-syrup-drowned sugary waffles buttered and coated with cinnamon cream cheese.  

Thoughts of the dyspeptic sugar-charged children...
I feel a headache and a 9am nap coming on.