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Friday, 12 March 2010

Mental Pause

The phrase ' mental pause', made me think of my working situation just before I retired at age 70. There were three nurses working in the intake depart at the home health agency where I worked. We dealt with information for referrals to the agency. One of the nurses was a redhead, one was a brunet and I had white hair. Well folks who knew us called us the redhead, blackhead and whitehead. Now they could remember what color hair we had but sometimes forgot our names. I could answer the phone Blada, blada, blada this is Peggy, may I help you. I would often get, and we all did, are you the redhead or the blackhead? No mam, I am the whitehead. Okay I want to speak to the blackhead. Now we all did the same job and could take care of whatever the caller wanted or needed, but when some one wants a blackhead or redhead, they don't want a whitehead. But we lovenly call each other that. even though we have been split up 2 years now. I miss them so much.