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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Toot toot sentiment to you, with knobs on!

Got a nice comment in Chinese script that's appeared on your blog post? Delighted to find that you have admirers in the People's Republic or Taiwan? Can't read Mandarin? Try this: copy and paste the comment text into a translation site such as babelfish (uk.babelfish.yahoo.com/) and look in wonder at what appears.

You didn't know your beautiful blogged prose and artistic photographs would elicit such a warm and imaginative response, did you? Here is a small section of what I received after one blog post, and translated into something quite odd:

female entertainer - sexual affection chatroom - color younger sister pastes the picture area - sexual affection movie The sentiment color sexual affection pastes the chart - sexual affection autodyne - sexual affection to paste the chart - sexual affection posture - sexual affection picture - toot toot sentiment color adult net
In translation, it's hardly enough to shock the vicar, but I worry about viruses and spam, and as I type, am beginning to worry about you lot too, as you do seem to love a slightly naughty topic! Toot toot!

Great-Aunt Tutt-Loudly