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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Whoever it was who recommended The Virtual Linguist...

Thank you!

From The Virtual Linguist, March 10, 2010
cynanthropy: a type of madness where you believe that you are a dog
dasypygal: having hairy buttocks
furfuraceous: covered in dandruff or bran-like scales
ichthyomancy: fortune-telling by studying fish entrails
jenticulate: to have breakfast
omphaloskepsis: contemplation of the navel
phobanthropy: morbid dread or strong dislike of mankind
qualtagh: the first person you meet on leaving the house, especially on New Year's Day
snollygoster: an unprincipled person, especially a politician

I had a good time emailing that list to several people. Only two, linguaphiles like myself (and the rest of you), responded. One of my respondents is a server in a chain restaurant, and says that she sometimes offers her guests "ante-jenticular orange juice," and when asked for explanation, says it's the opposite of post-prandial. She notes that "You have to pick the right guest..."

The only word on that list that I imagine myself using, ever, is the last, surrounded and controlled as I am by snollygosters.